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The professional audio & video industry utilises high-quality HDMI connectors that are typically unavailable within the retail market. Since the introduction of 4K & 8K, the gap between the capabilities of your technology, and what you can actually experience is widening.

BUNU HDMI have developed a durable connector that is capable of maximising your tech's output.

  • A studio-quality experience.
    12K gold-plated contact points, intelligent insulation and a high data transfer rate means you will have access to a market leading connector capable of an output up to 48GB p/s.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.
    BUNU HDMI is fully 4k, 8K & 10K compatible and will link to all gaming, visual and audio applications including but not limited to: PlayStation, Xbox, Television, HiFi & TV.
  • Next day delivery - 3 year warranty.
    All our products uphold the very best ethical and quality standards and we offer a three-year guarantee with free, next day delivery.
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Intelligent Manufacturing.

BUNU HDMI utilises the manufacturing tolerances and materials that are typically present in the professional audio and film industry, providing you with a connector capable of getting the best out of your technology:

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BUNU HDMI’s connector is a 1M cable featuring superior connection capabilities, intelligent insulation to improve picture and sound quality, and is compatible with all major devices.

Output is at 48GB per second, translating to a transfer rate of up to 10K.

  • 12K gold plated connectors.
  • 48GB per second transfer rate with an ability to run up to 10K.
  • 2 layers of intelligent insulation.
  • Compatible with all major devices.
  • Free next day delivery.

BUNU offers free shipping and next-day delivery within the UK.

We also ship to the following countries free of charge (7 day delivery time):

  • United States.
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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