Modern Slavery Statement

Structure, Business and Supply Chain.

BUNU LTD is a mid-sized tech-heavy manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, incorporating the brands BUNU HDMI, BUNU Apple/Android & BUNU AUX.

We believe that transparency is a key part of our identity and that it is important to communicate our values as a truly global manufacturer whilst ensuring that we do our very best to ensure we act as an ethical corporate citizen. With this in mind, we have published our statement for slavery and human trafficking, made in compliance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

In this publication we aim to communicate the steps we take as a business to ensure we take the fight to global slavery by ensuring all of our manufacturing, sourcing and external partner engagement falls inside of the requirements of the aforementioned act whilst ensuring we can supply the world with the very best electronic technology.

BUNU LTD is headquartered in the United Kingdom, selling its range of Audio, Charging & Digital technologies across the U.K., Mainland Europe and the United States. Our product range utilises just-in-time manufacturing processes with carefully vetted partners across the Aisa-Pacific region. Our employee numbers in the U.K. range around ten members of staff, with an indirect responsibility for around 500 employees across our manufacturing partners.

To ensure that our manufacturers also uphold the same ethical values as ourselves, as a business we only engage with partners who have existing relationships with other U.K manufacturers. We utilise these relationships to check our manufacturers reputations via word-of-mouth and combine this with an annual site-visit to all of our manufacturer’s sites to ensure that all compliance is met.

As part of this process we take the opportunity to engage with our suppliers and we have embraced the requirement to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement as a result of this. This enables us to share our efforts against the issue and provides us with a clear guideline towards internal improvement, and indeed the improvement on behalf of our overseas manufacturers.

Slavery and human-Trafficking policies

Our internal Slavery and Human Trafficking policy has been developed alongside our supplier code of conduct to include the following facets:

Due diligence

We are more than aware that should BUNU LTD be exposed to international slavery or human trafficking, it is likely to come from our overseas supply chains. As a result of this, we have implemented a strict audit process which helps us identify any risks. This process includes but is not limited to:


The result of these due-diligence procedures ensures that BUNU Electrics is able to adhere to the very highest of standards both ethically and as a responsible manufacturer. Our policies are additionally reviewed annually to foster a culture of continuous improvement and we look forward to continuing the battle against global slavery.